Former Australian Commando 
Shares His Training Secrets On 
Special Forces Selection 
*Each Workout Is Specifically Designed to Shape your Body and Your Mind..
Would'nt You Like To Know

What You're Truly Capable Of..

"After creating the EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete program I was not only able to pass on the best of the best mindset and physical performance-enhancing techniques to as many people as possible, I’ve also been able to stop many others ever doubting their ability to achieve great things. because we now have a program package that anyone can complete."

You're already looking to change the way you approach training, build a stronger mindset and build muscle.. But are you willing to do the work! 

Challenge Accepted! 

Give Me The 12 Week 

Warrior Athlete Program

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You need to kill your excuses and
become the warrior athlete! 

THE EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete is an integrated fitness and mental toughness program. The Warrior Athlete framework was developed around achieving maximum muscle gain and Special Forces style conditioning. 
  • A twelve (12) week training program, designed to build maximum size & functional, applicable strength.
  • A twelve (12) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss, and requisite energy output, for training purposes.
  • EVENNETT | Supplement Guide (FREE).
  • EVENNETT | Mindset Principles (FREE).
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